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Discover our models of reusable pads

From funky colors to soothing shades, through original prints, our reusable pads will charm you by their looks, and their effectiveness.

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Reusable pads made in Canada, in a thoughtful way

Different fabrics for different functions

Designs made from jersey or athletic wicking jersey (AWJ)
→ How to choose your reusable cotton pads ?


Wings that help keep everything in place

To get through the day comfortably
→ Discover our different models of reusable pads


Teaming up with Canadian suppliers

Buying local may be important for you and it is even more important for us
→ Learn more about our eco-friendly corporate values

Relax, everything is under control, I have the best reusable pads for you!

Did you know subsidies exist for the purchase of feminine hygiene products?

We’ve gathered all the details for you on the municipal grants page.

Atelier Zone Verte, the custom-made sanitary pads, because we are all different

→  Design the perfect reusable pads for yourself !

Your opinion about Atelier Zone Verte’s reusable pads

Want to switch to reusable pads?

Don’t forget your Duobag!

At Atelier Zone Verte, we make it our duty not only to offer quality reusable pads, but also to provide you with everything you need to care and keep them for as long as possible. Also, think about adding some of our accessories and care products to your order.

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