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Atelier Zone Verte, reusable sanitary pads made in Canada!

Hi there!

My name is Audrey, and I am the creator of Atelier Zone Verte. I am a mother of four amazing and curious children, some little and some big.

The day came were they all went to school… my hands and heart of a mother felt quite empty and aimless. To keep myself busy I went back to one of my favorite leisure, sewing.

My interest in creating eco-friendly products from home, and my research on helping the environment and reducing consumption led me to discovering reusable pads. This was quite a revelation for me. After trying different ways to create them I finally found THE way to make my reusable pads products that made me satisfied with my end result. Because of all the advantages I found using them, I decided I simply needed to share my discoveries with others. This is how Atelier Zone Verte was created.

My mission: Provide every woman with the opportunity to use THE BEST reusable sanitary pads, no matter her size, weight, morphology, flow or peculiarities. Atelier Zone Verte is here to provide comfort and the best absorption for every women.

So, with the help of my small team, every day we work to improve our products, develop new pads and search for the best Canadian suppliers to create our quality products.

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Atelier Zone Verte

After realizing I had allergic reactions and was intolerant to disposable pads, I decided to try the confection of reusable pads. They were the perfect solution to my problem, and also made me realize that they were a great solution to reduce my consumption of disposable single use products. That was a real revelation for me. I worked on improving my product until I felt the need to share my wonderful ecological line of reusable pads with other women. And, this is how Atelier Zone Verte was created. Welcome to the amazing world of reusable and comfort! 

As refined my expertise, I decided that my mission was going to be: Helping women to finally feel as comfortable as possible during their periods (and small leaks). Proudly hand made with Canadian products in my own workshop in St-Hippolyte, Atelier Zone Verte’s reusable pads are our pride and joy. Our carefully chosen and created designs and fabrics are sure to be a perfect fit and bring comfort to every woman. 

Atelier Zone Verte is also a small team of devoted, creative people that put all the efforts needed to make their clients happy and fulfill their mission by giving them perfect customer services with products that they are proud to use. 

Proudly made here

We get all our supplies here, from local suppliers and businesses and it makes us proud to offer products that are purely from here!


We are all different, this is what makes us so amazingly unique. With us, no woman is left behind.

Be green

We like to say that we help our planet, one reusable pad at the time.