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Reusable pad – Ultimate – Super Heavy – 12 inches – Cotton jersey


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Our reusable pads – Atelier Zone Verte

Atelier Zone Verte’s reusable pads will very effectively replace any commercial disposable hygiene pads.

Our reusable pads are very helpful and always so easy to use. No more need to run to the grocery store or drugstore every month, and they will be there for your use for many years. The fact that our pads are reusable make them quite economical. Once you have a complete stock you will no longer have to worry about spending money on your periods ever again.

With their ergonomic design and the specific quality fabrics we use to make them, our reusable cloth pads offer quite a unique level of comfort. They are extremely soft because of the kind fabric we use in their confection AWJ or Jersey (for the side worn towards your skin). Our reusable pads also feel amazingly light thanks to the use of our great (thin and reliable) absorbents.

Our reusable pads are made to be leak free and breathable for your skin. Our secret? The polyurethane laminated polyester layer we use, that provide a leak proof barrier, even for urinary leaks.
Our panty liner wings are also designed to be easy to use and be a perfect fit for your comfort thanks to a quality snap button that help keep your sanitary pad in the perfect position.

Our reusable sanitary pads are also quite easy to use. With a minimal care they will last for a very long time. To make sure their life is as long as possible go to visit our care section and learn our best tricks and useful favourite care methods.
And on top of all these amazing features, we are very proud to help our local economy by using materials that come from Canadian suppliers, (many of our fabrics are actually made in Montréal.)

Atelier Zone Verte’s warranty
Each woman has a different body, and as different needs too. At Atelier Zone Verte, we aspire to provide you with a product that is a perfect fit for you. So in case of any problem or question please do not hesitate to contact us. We are in constant evolution and your comments will help us to improve our products.

Reusable pads – Ultimate model

The reusable pads ultimate model offers a great absorbency and coverage. It is perfect for heavy and very heavy flow. Its round shape offers a better absorption coverage area which is perfect for night flow, hemorrhage flow or postpartum. The ultimate model is offered in a length of 12 to 18’’and has a width of 2 ¾’’ with wings buttoned up.

Reusable pads – Heavy flow

The heavy flow absorption level is for very heavy, hemorrhage flow or can also become a “life saver” for night.
This reusable pad is designed with one layer of laminated polyester to offer a breathable leakproof fabric, 3 layers of cotton fleece and bamboo for absorption, and one layer of jersey or AWJ.
No more leaks for sure!

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Heavy flow





12 inches

Cotton Jersey

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