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Reusable pads: Care

Avant utilisation | Comment laver sa serviette hygiénique lavable ? | Atelier Zone verte

Before first use

Wash your reusable sanitary pads!

You just received your first reusable pads? They finally found their new home, but a little trip in the washing machine is necessary before wearing them.

You can wash your panty liners with the rest of your clothes in cold water and let them dry air dry or dry them at a very low temperature in your drying machine. If you choose the second option, wait until they have completely cooled down before touching them. Only one washing cycle is enough before the first use. Avoid using fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency of your pads. Important fact: your reusable pads will reach their best absorbency after approximatively 10 wash cycles.

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Going out ?

A sanitary pouch bag for your sanitary pads is essential!

If you are not spending your day at home, do not worry, we thought about your busy schedule.

Throughout the day, you are going to have to change your protection for sure. You can fold and put away your used pad in the double zip pouch, called Duosac until you wash them. It is very useful when go out, and fits perfectly in your purse or backpack

Thanks to Duosac, you can carry a few pads with you in the first compartment to stay dry all day, and put away your used pads in the second zip compartment, in which they will be safely stored away from any other item in your purse or backpack.

For short outings or to carry in your pockets, you can get the individual little pouch and have one for each of your pads. We have very cute ones (they can even match your pads) but they do not have zips, it is only a flap that opens and closes.


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Serviette sanitaire lavable pour tes sorties | Sac de transport pour serviette hygiénique | Atelier Zone Verte
Comment laver et entretenir tes serviettes hygiéniques lavables | Atelier Zone Verte

Time for pre-wash and wash

There are many ways to care and wash your reusable pads.

By searching on Internet or asking some of your friends you may realize that everybody has their own way to do it. It all depends on your needs, your tolerance to stains, and the time you have to do it and so on.

Here is the way we do it at Atelier Zone Verte:

When you are back at home you have to take the time to prewash your used pads from the day. Take your soiled panty liners and run them under cold water, not hot water. When they are very wet you can wring them out. You will notice that the blood stains will slowly go away. When most of it is faded it is ready for the pre-wash.

If stains are hard to get rid of, you may use a bio stain remover soap. It works great on blood. If pads become stain free and you are happy with the result you can hang them to dry, using one of our drying straps or in the dryer and use them the next day. You just skipped the machine wash! Fast and easy right? Especially if you do not have a washing machine in your apartment.

For stains that are very hard to remove, sodium percarbonate works great. Just add 15 mL of it per 1 L of hot water. Let it cool down and let your sanitary pads soak in it overnight or for approximatively 12 hours. Percarbonate acts as a cleanser, whitener, stain remover and purifier, so it is the perfect product to use on reusable pads!

Hop in the washer

Machine washable sanitary pads for easy care!

All our reusable pads at Atelier Zone Verte are created to go in the washing machine. Wash them with cold water (or warm) directly with the rest of your clothes. If you usually use fabric softener for your clothes, you should wash them separately. But you could throw in your panty liners wash cycle some bath towels as well. The rubbing in the washing machine is going to help deep clean and without the fabric softener and your sanitary pads and towels will actually become more absorbent.

Always avoid using fabric softener, it makes your panty liners waterproof which ruin its absorbency.

Ideally you would let them air dry and use the drying strap because it is the best way to extend the reusable pads life.

If not possible, the dryer is fine but use the gentle cycle and wait until the pads are completely cooled down before handling them so you do not compromise its waterproof outer part.

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Have your reusable pads custom-made and discover the perfect comfort!

 Comment laver et entretenir tes serviettes hygiéniques lavables

Mix info

Reusable pads made in Canada!

AZV’s reusable pads are handmade, with a lot of tender loving care. They are proudly made with fabrics bought in businesses located in Canada and many of them are actually made in Montréal. We are very proud to buy local as much as possible and to support our economy.

  • All our fabrics are prewashed with a non-scented soap and pre-dried to prevent shrinking.
  • Our confection is guaranteed as well as our fabrics. If you have any problem, simply write to us about it and it will be solved!
  • Our sanitary pads are also perfect for urinary leaks. Talk about it to your friends, mom, aunts, grandmas, they all deserve the comfort our reusable pads can bring.
  • The reusable pads made by our Canadian carry their own absorption level label. It’s great cause it eliminates confusion.
  • Several municipalities offer grants for the purchase of washable hygiene protection. It is worth getting informed! We have gathered the information for you right here!


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