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Are the reusable pads appropriate to use for urinary leaks?

Of course! Our reusable sanitary pads are all equipped with a waterproof barrier, ideal to prevent leaks. Their level of absorption will keep you dry and protect your panties.

Discover our reusable panty liners standard model and the thong model.

Are the reusable pads adapted for every woman?

Yes! At Atelier Zone Verte, we know that each and every one of us has a unique body with its own unique features. It is by testing all the possibilities that we came up with our four unique models of reusable menstrual pads that can adapt to almost any feminine morphology. It is only a matter of finding which one is the most comfortable for you!

You can also personalize your order to get the reusable panty liners that meet your specific needs. It is simple and easy !


Find the right size and the right model here!

How to choose my reusable pads?

Visit the How to choose section to get help on how to make the best choices for your needs.

What’s the difference between AWJ and Jersey?

AWJ is a 100% polyester athletic fabric. It is not absorbent. It actually leads your flow towards the absorbent which creates the “feel dry” effect

The Jersey feels a lot like a t-shirt. It is slightly absorbent and feels really soft.

We recommend that you take a look at the How to choose section for more details.

What are the essentials to have a great first experience with reusable pads?

First of all, if you go out, do not forget your bag to carry everything you need. Ours are very useful, the big one with 2 pockets called duosac (one side for clean and another side for used panty liners) or the Individual pouch that can fit in your pocket and is also leak proof.

Also, think about clearing a space for storage (like a basket or a drawer). Keep your sanitary pads flat (if you put them away folded, they may become wrinkled and stay that way or stretch the wings and become less comfortable.

Prepare a container to keep your used sanitary pads (a wet bag, a basket or a small bucket) for more tips go to the Care section.

Finally, get a stain remover soap (like Oxyclean) or sodium percarbonate for the soaking or pre-wash and a stain remover soap bar.

How to take good care of my reusable pads?

There are many ways to do it. Please go to the Care section to get all the tips and the best ways to do it.

How to differentiate all the sanitary pads we offer?

Each reusable pad has a tag with an illustration at the back. The amount of drops (shaped like a tear) that you see on it describes the level of absorption.

1 drop = light (perfect for spotting, discharge or light urinary leaks)
2 drops = moderate (for moderate flow and urinary leaks)
3 drops = abundant (for heavy flow and for night)
4 drops = heavy (for hemorrhage and post-partum)

Which side should I wear my reusable pads?

The lovely designs should be facing you so you can see them. If you picked a plain color one, the side of the tag with our logo should be facing you. Discover all the awesome fabrics to choose from !

I want to buy reusable pads. Which model should I pick?

That decision really depends on your flow, the style of panties you like to wear and their size. Visit the section 

Are there a cheap sanitary pads?

Our reusable pads as well as the transport kit and the drying strap are offered to you at a competitive price.

In addition, there are grants offered by some municipalities that can help you reimburse up to 50% of the cost of purchasing your new panty liners set! Visit our page about municipal grantsfor more information.

What are the benefits of using reusable pads?

The advantages are numerous and everyone benefits!

  • It is the ideal solution for those who have an intolerance to disposable plastic towels.
  • The fabric used to make them and SO MUCH softer and more comfortable than disposable plastic towels.
  • Being reusable, sanitary pads reduce our consumption of single-use products.
  • Since we are all different, there are several models, as well as several levels of absorption in order to have the “perfect fit” for each.
  • Being handcrafted in Canada with fabrics from Canadian suppliers, their purchase helps to stimulate the local economy.
  • And I am sure you will find many more benefits from using reusable pads!

What are the shipping costs when I buy your sanitary pads?

Charges are calculated by weight and vary between $ 4 and $ 12 for delivery anywhere in Canada. In addition, we offer free shipping when you make a purchase of $ 150 or more before taxes. For more details, visit terms and conditions page.

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