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How to choose your reusable pads

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First of all, THANK YOU for switching to reusable sanitary pads

Choosing to buy reusable pads is a decision that is really going to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Let’s say that a woman uses approximatively 35 disposable pads per cycle… that means 400 pads a year. That brings the count to approximately 17,000 pads in a lifetime (based on having periods over approximatively 40 years). Let’s just say it is a lot of waste that can be avoided.

At Atelier Zone Verte, it is dear to our heart to offer you products that are sustainable and of good quality, that will survive your worst months, that will be there for you after you give birth to your children, that will offer you protection for little leaks when laughing, sneezing or forcing.

It is also important for us to let you know that we make sure our shipping packaging are as recyclable as possible (and if you think of any possible way we can improve on that please don’t hesitate to let us know).


Shop for reusable sanitary pads and accessories ready to go or have one custom-madefor you!

The right size and the right model

Which sanitary pads to choose?

It is important to be comfortable, and that is why comparing all the sanitary apparels that you are using right now (disposables) is a good idea.

We have worked really hard to offer you six models of reusable pads that are very appreciated by our dear clients. We have: thong, teen size, standard, back bleeder, front bleeder and ultimate.

You would probably prefer thong if you wear string underwear. Its non-symmetrical shape and size make that pad the best for comfort for that type of panties.

The back bleeder model is perfect for flows that are always directed towards the back of your pads. The pad is asymmetrical (longer back) which provides protection mainly in the back and makes it more comfortable.

The front bleeder is perfect for flow that are always directed towards the front of your pads. The pad is also asymmetrical, longer front, which provides protection only where needed and increases comfort.

The teen size and standard pads are designed with different widths, respectively 2 1/4’’ for the teen size and 2 ½’’ for the standard. They are both so useful that we make them in various lengths and absorption levels.

Our last model, the ultimate is our most absorbent pad, it is also longer and wider (comes in 12, 14, 16, and 18’’).


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Effet au sec pour serviette sanitaire lavable | Atelier Zone Verte

Stay dry with the best reusable pads!

From the reusable panty liner to sanitary pads post-partum, find the hygienic protection you need!

Because every woman is different and every day of her periods can be hard to plan as well, we have decided to offer you 4 levels of absorption to make sure we cover all the different flows throughout your period.

Light – perfect for the beginning and the end of your periods, for small urinary leaks and vaginal discharge.


Moderate – for moderate flow and urinary leeks.

absorption abondante

Heavy – or heavier flow and peaceful nights.

absorption très abondant

Super heavy– for hemorrhagic flow and post-partum.

At Atelier Zone Verte, our pads are always there for you, no matter the reason you need them for.

You are totally covered for your periods, we can help keeping your panties clean, in case of « laugh or effort leaks », or to help support you after childbirth.

If you cannot find the format you need, do not hesitate to order a custom-made sanitary pad. It’s quick and easy!

→ Click here for custom reusable sanitary pads!

Totally on a cloud with a cloth panty liner

Cotton reusable sanitary pads for maximum softness or polyester for optimum absorption!

Your comfort is our priority, this is why we offer all these models in the two types of fabric AWJ (athletic wicker jersey) and jersey.

AWJ (athletic wicking jersey) is a honeycomb shaped polyester fabric. The main benefit of this fabric is that it keeps you dry. It is often used in cloth diapers, breast-feeding pads and sport clothing. Lots of girls enjoy it for its dry effect.

Cotton Jersey is a fabric that feels almost like a T-shirt. It is soft and lightly absorbent. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra.

We offer those fabrics in fun and beautiful prints or plain colors. Whether prints or color, you wear them inside out, facing you, so you can see how cute or fun they look, and also because you want to wear the waterproof side (usually Black) towards the inside of your panties for optimal protection. For the ones that are plain or hard to tell which side is which, always wear the label’s logo (the tree) facing you.


→ Choose your favorite patterns and order your custom-made reusable pads!

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The perfect kit

Choose the right reusable pads set for you!

Now that you have a good idea of what you are going to need, you have to think about how many of each sizes and models you are going to need to set the floor for a good experience.

It is a pretty good idea to count how many disposable pads you use during a normal cycle. This gives you a good idea of the quantity you will need when switching to reusable pads.

Everybody’s cycle is different, but we recommend you get a few of the light absorption pads (they can be used as pantyliners panty liners), enough pads to get through your days (moderate, heavy or super heavy depending on your flow), and at least one longer and more absorbent pad for the night.

The light absorption pads are perfect as panty liners and they give the protection you need to get through your day and to avoid any leak.

You will also need a travel pouch when you go out of the house. We have two sizes available. The individual pouch and the double pouch with two zip pockets separating the clean reusable pads from the used pads.

The next thing you need to think about is a place where you can store your pads at your home. Clean, they have to be put away flat and with the buttons undone. If you put them away with the buttons stuck together, you could create some wrinkle lines or stretch the wings, making them less comfortable.

And, the last thing you need to think about is where to keep them between usage and wash. We strongly recommend a Wet bag or a plastic laundry basket that is easy to clean. Make sure you read the section Care for all the details about washing your reusable pads.


→ Shop for your perfect kit!

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